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Gluten Free Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal ~ 3 Pound bag

Gluten Free Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal
Gluten Free Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal Back Gluten Free Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal Front
Gluten Free Farm to Fork.
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This fresh Organic Cereal is the best tasting most nutritious gluten free oatmeal money can buy. PrOatina gluten free organic oatmeal is dry milled, no heat is applied to dry or stabilize the oatmeal; as a result, the natural enzymes are not inactivated, resulting in longer shelf life than conventionally wet milled heat stabilized products. PrOatina organic oatmeal is raw, it has not been pre-cooked as most oatmeal is. As a result PrOatina has more taste, more nutrition and a longer shelf life.

Our PrOatina oat variety of naked oat (avena Nuda sp.) was selected for high protein; our protein is 3 to 4% higher than other oats, usually near 20% protein. PrOatina organic oat meal is very low in the G12 protein which causes some gluten sensitive people to have problems with other lines of oats.

Montana Gluten Free Organic products are certified organic through the Montana Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program under the USDA guidelines.  Montana Gluten Free Organic Products contain 100% organic PrOatina Oats.

In a recent “Focus Group Study” of celiacs who were not eating oats either because of fear or had previous reactions to other gluten free oats, 95% had no problem with PrOatina oatmeal and have added PrOatina Organic Oat products to their diets.

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