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Timtana™ is a larger seed selection of the cereal grass known in Europe as Meadow Cat’s-Tail and in North America as Timothy (Phleum pratense). It is best known as a favorite forage grass in Scandinavia and has the longest history of formal breeding activity of all the cool-season grasses bred in both Europe and North America.

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A Brief History

Timothy-grass was unintentionally introduced to North America by early settlers, and was first described in 1711 by John Herd from plants growing in New Hampshire. Herd named the grass "herd grass". However, a farmer named Timothy Hanson began to promote cultivation of it as a hay about 1720 and the grass has been known by its present name since then. Timothy has now become naturalized throughout most of the US and Canada.

Our Timtana™ Flour

Timtana™ flour contains no gluten and can be milled and baked in a manner similar to wheat. The seed tastes sweet with nutty undertones. The flour is similar to wheat in color and texture.  For risen bread products, a rising agent such as baking soda or baking powder, is required.  Leavened breads produced with yeast and flour can also be produced.  Timtana™ flour can be blended with other starch sources such as potato flour, rice flour, or tapioca in formulations.

A novel use of timothy grass seed (Phleum pretense L.) is as a source of gluten free cereal flour. Timothy seed can be milled and baked in a manner similar to wheat for unleavened and leavened bread products (leavened bread produced by yeast requires the addition of a gum product like xanthan gum). The use of timothy seed for gluten free cereal food is patented and trademarked as Timtana™. Timtana™ can be used for tasty, healthy cereal products from breads to desserts, gravies to chicken-fried, pizza to taco, pancake to waffle, cereal to snack, even noodles to malt and beer. Timtana™ is extremely high in both protein and fiber (both 17%) and is often blended with other gluten free flour products like corn, tapioca, potato and rice to improve the protein, fiber and taste. Timtana™ is golden flour with a sweet nutty flavor that makes beautiful brown breads, pastries, and a pizza crust that looks like gingersnaps so one can easily recognize which pizza is gluten free.

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