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From our customers:

I just wanted to write to let you know how grateful I am for your wonderful products. I buy the organic oatmeal which is the only oatmeal that I can eat without digestive issues. I have several food sensitivities including gluten, dairy, soy and others but I have no problems with your products. Thank you.

Diane L

Yours is the third GF flour that I have used and it is by far the best! The loaf of bread that I made was barely out of the oven, when my husband was asking when we could slice it and taste a piece, it smelled so good! Delicious!!! And the texture is the closest to wheat based bread imaginable. My husband is already talking about different sandwiches he can make with it!


I love your organic gluten free oat groats (Rocky Mountain Rice). I sprout them for 2 days and blend them into a lovely porridge with juice from soaked raisins, flaxseed oil, pumpkin protein powder, cinnamon, a little monk fruit sweetener and a pinch of salt. I just ordered a bunch more. Thanks for listening and for a great product, and well wishes for your company.


It couldn’t be easier to bake using the All Purpose Baking Mix. You just substitute your favorite wheat flour recipe with an equal amount of the Montana Gluten Free  All Purpose Baking Mix and it tastes great!

Dan L

Thank you so much for your flour and recipes! My sister has lived her whole life in pain after eating. I keep telling her about products or recipes I’ve seen on TV and she just tells me there isn’t anything that is edible. I cook Christmas brunch so I ordered your flour and made blueberry pancakes. Every one loved the pancakes and my sister’s plate was crumb free. I haven’t seen her ever enjoy a meal. When she was leaving I gave her the flour and recipes I’d printed from your website and she said “you’re not getting the flour back because I’m taking it”. That was wonderful words to me. She sent me a text last night and said she’d just had the best dinner with your flour. I’m grateful for seeing your product on America’s Heartland and thankful I had the opportunity to cook for my sister. Thank you so much for a great product!!


I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for coming to the Gluten Free Expo in Sandy, UT last weekend. It was so wonderful to be able to eat food without fear…and I ate a lot of it!  Out of all the breads I tasted (and again, I tasted many), I liked yours the best – without question! My daughter did too. Thank you so much! I look forward to making a purchase in the future.


Made the toasted oat bread the other day and I almost cried! I didn’t think I could ever have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again. So moist and yummy…doesn’t crumble!

Susie A.W.

OMG. I was gifted with your GF pancake baking mix and I can’t believe how wonderful it is…. I can’t get over how much these taste like my pre-GF pancakes.

Dennis C.

We buy the All Purpose Baking Mix & love it! I’ve also made quite a few recipes off this site & they are so yummy! I’m hooked

Lindsey S

Today I had the pleasure of using both the Oat Flour and the Oats I purchased from you.  WOW!  Your product is wonderful and performed better than any Oat Flour that I have previously used.  The flavor of both the oats and the flour were exactly where they should be.


I would like to add myself to the list of those who have tasted the Toasted Oat Bread who say it is the best gluten free bread ever!  My wife and I have been eating gluten free for about 6 years.  As one who has always baked homemade bread, I naturally started a concerted effort to create really good gluten free bread.  I have had pretty good success, especially working with oat flour, but not as good as your bread.  It has all the qualities of really good wheat bread (texture, springiness, etc) and tastes great!


I ordered some products from you and I got them immediately … I appreciate your fast response…. I made the Old Fashioned Oatmeal once and I thought it tasted funny.  Then I made it again …  and I cooked it a little longer and a little different for my stove and it was very good. Last night I made the rice and I LOVE that (Rocky Mountain) Rice.  That is sooo  good.  I’ll be ordering it again.  I’d even serve that to my guests.  It is so good. Thank you so much, your products are wonderful!