Can oats be gluten free? Yes! Our oats are truly gluten free. 

Yes! Certainly. Oats are naturally gluten free. Unfortunately, oats are often contaminated either by being grown in fields that contained wheat or barley previously or through the use of combines, trucks, and processing facilities that are also used for wheat or barley. That's why we grow our own oats and take extra care to make sure they are truly gluten free so you can be confident in your food choices.

Montana Gluten Free is a small farmer owned company and our oats are grown and packaged with a gluten free protocol. This means the oats are grown in dedicated fields, harvested and processed with dedicated equipment, and packaged in a dedicated gluten free facility. This is the only way to produce truly gluten free oats. 

I have celiac disease. Can I eat oats?

Yes! Almost certainly. Gluten free oats can be safe for people with celiac disease, even those who are very sensitive to gluten. 

Some varieties of oats may trigger symptoms in people with particularly sensitive reactions to gluten and those newly diagnosed. This is because oats have a protein called avenin that is distantly related to gliadin. Gliadin is a component of gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye. In some varieties of oats, the avenin protein is similar enough to gliadin to cause problems for people with sensitive reactions and those newly diagnosed whose bodies haven't had time to repair significantly.

However, the G12 ELISA antibody tests will also detect these potentially problematic varieties of oats and can detect as little as 3 ppm of gluten in a food sample.

All Montana Gluten Free oat products are tested with this G12 antibody. While everyone should make their own dietary decisions, we are confident that our oats are safe to eat, even for people who have had issues with oats in the past. 

If you're uncertain, please contact us with any questions or to request a sample. Take a look at our best selling products below.

For more information on oats for people with celiac disease, read this great article at Allergic Living.

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Romer Labs G12 Antibody Icon

  If you’re worried about oats, stick to oats that are tested with G12. Look for this icon on the packaging.