Pizzelle/Krumkaker Mix

Pizzelle/Krumkaker Mix


• Gluten Free

• Naturally Delicious

• ELISA Tested

• 100% Whole Grain

• Product of Montana

• Contains Gluten Free Oats


Italian Pizzelle/ Nordic KrumKaker Mix makes wonderful gluten free dessert pastries inspired by the traditional holiday waffle cookies of Italy/Norway. Pizzelle and KrumKake (pronounced KROOM-ka-ka in most Nordic kitchens) require special irons for baking. They can be enjoyed plain, as ice cream or whipped cream cones, or as the perfect gluten free replacement for Graham crackers.

Ingredients: tapioca, powdered sugar, Timtana Flour (timothy grass seed), PrOatina Flour (GF oat), Xanthan Gum, baking powder.

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Weight 1 lbs


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