Pumpkin Pastry Mix – 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL

Pumpkin Pastry Mix – 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL

$12.00 $6.00

• No GMO
• Contains Gluten Free Oats
• Contains Gluten Free Timtana Flour
• 100% Whole Grain
• Product of Montana
• Gluten Free Product
• ELISA Tested less than 3ppm


Two packages for the price of one. Want four packages? Order two get four! 

Pumpkin Pastry Mix can be used to make gluten-free muffins, donuts, sheet cakes, and more. Works great in traditional pans or in counter-top muffin, donut, and cake-pop makers. Add applesauce or banana instead of canned pumpkin for a versatile dessert base!

Ingredients: tapioca, sugar, Timtana Flour (timothy grass seed), PrOatina Flour (GF oat), powdered sugar, xanthan gum, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cloves, nutmeg.

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Weight 0.972 lbs


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